Parent Title

Fetch a MODX Resource's Parent Title

A simple snippet that return a resource's parent title if found and gracefully return null otherwise

** Get the Parent **

Force Download Image

Use PHP to serve an image as an attachment

If you find yourself in the unlikely scenario of not being able to use .htaccess to do something like this, you may find yourself in the even less likely scenario of needing this snippet.

** Time spent on this website is non-refundable **

Recursive Find & Replace

Run String Replace on an entire Directory

This Linux command can be very handy for doing things like migrating sites from staging to production by making finding and replacing every occurrence of 'dev.mysite.com to www.mysite.com'.

** Time spent on this website is non-refundable **

Image Sets

One Line Image Sets with SASS

Image sets are an awesome new way to serve HD images to capable devices using the familiar CSS background-image property


Trycatch Stylesheet

Incase you were curious about anything

The one and only stylesheet of this site.

** Trycatch is not responsible for increased enthusiasms **

Box Sizing with SASS

Stop doing all that math yourself

Box sizing is a very convient CSS feature. By using border-box, you can tell an element to not let margin or padding add to it's explicitly set dimensions

** Border Box may decrease your mathematics skills **

Invoke QuickBar

Shows a QuickEdit bar for logged in users

Install QuickBar and call this snippet just after your opening body tag.

** QuickBar is not responsible for uncontrollable editing **