Escaping the MODX Parser

Tricking the Parser with the Parser

How to use a simple Chunk to escape MODX tags for display on front end pages. Useful for documentation and blog posts.

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Source Maps in MODX

Debug Sass Source Files with MODX 2.3

Source Maps are magic little things you don't even need to think about in order for them to start helping you debug your Sass stylesheets easier. Here's how to use them in your MODX 2.3 branch.

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Bulk Licenses

Bulk Licenses for Redactor Now Available

modmore has just announced that bulk licenses are now available! This means that you can buy your favorite new Rich Text Editor for MODX in bulk!

** How many licenses are you going to buy? **

cacheguard for MODX

Keep your MODX Cache Around a While Longer

cacheguard for MODX keeps your cache around a while longer by automatically unticks the Empty Cache checkbox for unpublished resources.

** not responsible for stale smelly cache files **

Redactor for MODX

Your Next MODX Rich Text Editor

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mark Hamstra, one of the best MODX Extra Developers in the business, on some truely amazing and elegant software. Together, we’ve combined the web’s best WYIWYG Rich Text Editor with the most flexible CMS around. We call it Redactor for MODX.

** make awesome **

An Honest Review

The Ups and Downs of MODX Revolution

In her first look at MODX Revolution Liz Mueller gives an excellent and honest review.

** Time spent on this website is non-refundable **
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