cacheguard for MODX

Keep your MODX Cache Around a While Longer

cacheguard for MODX keeps your cache around a while longer by automatically unticks the Empty Cache checkbox for unpublished resources.

** not responsible for stale smelly cache files **

Configure in Style

Manage MODX Settings with ClientConfig

ClientConfig gives your client a user-friendly interface for making site wide changes, while you as the administrator set up the different options available to the end-user.

** No Settings Resource Needed **

[Live]: Developing Extras

MODX Hands on with Mark Hamstra

When existing tools don't cut it anymore, you might need to develop your own extensions and customizations. In this 1,5hr workshop we will walk through the basic workflow and conventions for Extras in MODX, and top it up with some ExtJS and modExt, Git/Github, Packaging and Distribution.

** He's made a few himself **