Source Maps in MODX

Debug Sass Source Files with MODX 2.3

Source Maps are magic little things you don't even need to think about in order for them to start helping you debug your Sass stylesheets easier. Here's how to use them in your MODX 2.3 branch.

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Calculate Breakpoints

Calculate Responsive Grid Breakpoints with SASS

A simple SASS function that calculates breakpoints for your responsive grid. Provided column to break at, space between columns and width of individual columns returns a pixel amount to be used as breakpoint.

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Sprite your Images

A Sprite Image Example

Reducing HTTP requests is a great way to optimize your site. With HD images coming to websites I think it's best to create both a sprite.png and a sprite_@2X.png and use CSS3 @media queries or image-sets to add Retina-friendly graphics to your site.

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