Calculate Breakpoints

Calculate Responsive Grid Breakpoints with SASS

A simple SASS function that calculates breakpoints for your responsive grid. Provided column to break at, space between columns and width of individual columns returns a pixel amount to be used as breakpoint.

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Future Icons

Create Sprite-Free Scalable Mega-Icons

Join the author, Conor, in an attempt to remove messy sprites and raster images from your styling and explore the possibilities of crisp, scaleable mega-icons.

** Look Mom, Mega-Icons! **

Oh, Windows :(

Windows CSS Type Bug

Sorry Windows users, I just discovered this bug. At first I thought it was just IE being IE, but looks like it's just a Windows issue.

** iPods render type better than Windows 8 **

Edge-cutting Mobile CSS

Scroll Initial view past browser bar

One nice thing about native iPhone apps is the ability for them to have a search bar that is basically negatively positioned on the y-axis. You have to scroll up to get it to it. This effect can be simulated with this simple jQuery script.

** Time spent on this website is non-refundable **

MODX Templating Trick

Easily style your MODX Resources

Use this simple example to add attribute to your opening body tag that will allow you to easily style your CSS templates based off things like template, page id, parent id, resource type.

** Clean up your style sheet **