Nov 10: MODXpo Meetup

Utrecht, Netherlands

Join me for the biggest MODX meetup of the year. Either in Utrecht, or here at Try Catch!

** Europe is not in the United States **

Sprite your Images

A Sprite Image Example

Reducing HTTP requests is a great way to optimize your site. With HD images coming to websites I think it's best to create both a sprite.png and a sprite_@2X.png and use CSS3 @media queries or image-sets to add Retina-friendly graphics to your site.

** Not my fault if your site gets too fast **

Edge-cutting Mobile CSS

Scroll Initial view past browser bar

One nice thing about native iPhone apps is the ability for them to have a search bar that is basically negatively positioned on the y-axis. You have to scroll up to get it to it. This effect can be simulated with this simple jQuery script.

** Time spent on this website is non-refundable **

MODX Templating Trick

Easily style your MODX Resources

Use this simple example to add attribute to your opening body tag that will allow you to easily style your CSS templates based off things like template, page id, parent id, resource type.

** Clean up your style sheet **

Soft, Soft Launch

This site is technically Live

A lot of things will change but pleased that this site is up with some real content. Many features to come.

** This site is in Beta 0.1 **

About the Author

Learn more about JP DeVries

JP DeVries is a Pale-Portland-Programmer specializing in Web Development. Take a look at what he's done over the years

** Time spent on this website is non-refundable **

Box Sizing with SASS

Spice up your CSS Life

Check out this featured Snippet for a how you can use CSS Border-Box to do your math homework!

** Border Box may decrease your mathematics skills **

Control your Cache

Put Browser Cacheing Issues to Rest

Cachebuster is a MODX Revolution Addon that makes it easy to control whether assets load fresh from the server, or are allowed to cache. All just with one Chunk and a System Setting.

** CB is not responsible for fixing cache-related bugs **

HTML5 made easy in MODX

boilerX makes HTML5 Boilerplate a click away

boilerX allows you to easily implement HTML5 Boilerplate on your website. It contains the exact boilerplate markup separated into logical chunks and adds some convenient features.

** BX not responsible for saving you too much time **
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