Transport Packages

Creating Transport Packages for your Extras

Learn how to use the MyComponent package to create packages out of your Extras code at lightning speed. Bob Ray himself will introduce you to the new version and show you what it can do!

** Beyond Packman **

[Live]: Developing Extras

MODX Hands on with Mark Hamstra

When existing tools don't cut it anymore, you might need to develop your own extensions and customizations. In this 1,5hr workshop we will walk through the basic workflow and conventions for Extras in MODX, and top it up with some ExtJS and modExt, Git/Github, Packaging and Distribution.

** He's made a few himself **

Security Permissions

MODX Revolution Security Permissions System by Bob Ray

Permissions, Access Policies, Access Policy Templates, User Groups, Resource Groups, Access Control Lists (ACLs). Join Bob Ray in this session to find out what these and other terms actually mean and how you can use them to customize and secure your MODX Website.

** Every lock has a pick **

[Live]: MODX Cloud

Why we built MODX Cloud by CTO Kevin Martin

MODX Cloud has recently been released as public beta after nearly a year of work. Join Kevin Marvin, the CTO at MODX, in finding out why MODX decided to build MODX Cloud on SoftLayer's platform.

** I'm glad they built it! **

[Live]: State of MODX

Keynote: The state of MODX by Ryan Thrash

Join us in the first Keynote of the day with MODX Co-Founder and President Ryan Thrash where he will let you know why MODX was born, where it is today, and where it is heading. Learn about MODX Cloud, Creative Freedom and why his past 7 years have been all about MODX.

** Find out why MODX was born **

Logical Liberties

Inequality of United States Civil Liberties represented in JavaScript

Programming, logic, and civil liberties come together to represent the vast differences between how the history of civil liberties in the United States should have been versus the unfortunate realities of civil injustice.

** Equality is Equality is Equality **

Download Prism

Be the first to get the HTML5 Color Picker

Prism is a lightweight extra that adds a ColorPicker Input Type to your Template Variables. Focusing on HTML5 and future browser support, Prism does not contain any theming files for rendering a colorpicker, it leaves that completely up to the browser.

** Weighing in at 11KB this lightweight plugin aims to change how you choose colors **

Oh, Windows :(

Windows CSS Type Bug

Sorry Windows users, I just discovered this bug. At first I thought it was just IE being IE, but looks like it's just a Windows issue.

** iPods render type better than Windows 8 **
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