Configure in Style

Manage MODX Settings with ClientConfig

ClientConfig gives your client a user-friendly interface for making site wide changes, while you as the administrator set up the different options available to the end-user.

** No Settings Resource Needed **

MADX Award

The Monthly MODX Add-on Award

Every month at Try Catch we'll announce an award for the up-and-coming MODX Add-on of the month and reach out for an interview with the Addon developer. Any MODX addon in the MODX Extra repository with under 500 download qualifies for the award, regardless of what month it was released!

** People are gonna go MAD for them **

Responsive Quickbar

Quickbar 0.4.4 adds responsive and touch support

As of version 0.4.4 Quickbar now supports responsive screens and touch devices. Note that for touch detection you'll need modernizr.js included in you pages.

** QuickBar not responsible for saving you too much time **

Immediate Mode

one thing to almost remember about HTML5 Canvas

The key difference between the drawing mode of HTML5 Canvas and Flash and why it's important to keep in mind.

** Immediate vs Retained **

New Icon

New Try Catch Icon Designed by Robb Sturtcman

Many thanks to Robb Sturtcman for designing this new icon. He did the logo too!


Auto GPS in MODX

Using addressGPS to auto-set GPS coordinates

addressGPS is a handy way for you and your clients to simply input addresses while having it's GPS coordinates automatically set also. It looks for the presence of an address Template Variable and if detected, retrieves the GPS coordinates and saves them in latitude and longitude Template Variables respectively.

** GPS can be handy **

Going Mini

Why I'm switching from the iPad 3 to the iPad Mini

I've at one point owned each version of the iPad, up until the "iPad" 3rd generation. After upgrading to the 15" Retina Macbook Pro I've found the full size iPad less necessary.

** Sure won't miss iPad 3 battery life at all **

LiveBlogger Updated

LiveBlogger Updated to 1.4.6

- each AJAX request for content is now cachebusted by ensuring each URL is unique - simplified sample.LiveBlog template to remove boilerX dependency - added comments to sample.LiveBlog that jQuery should be included prior to the liveblog-script Chunk include

** LiveBlogger updated to 1.4.6 **

MODXpo: Looking Back

MODXpo 2012 and the future of MODX

174 attendees came together in Utrecht, Netherlands, making this year's MODXpo the largest community gathering in MODX history. What was it all about? Several things, but the underlying message we all came away with was simple. We all have a lot of work to do. Whether you are a core developer or a beginning community member you need to step it up this year. Here's the why and how.

** Kevin is still working on that Evo > Revo Migration tool **

Building in the Cloud

Building Web Projects in the Cloud for Creatives

Join us either here at Google Campus London or on this liveblog to hear MODX Founder Ryan Thrash talk about building websites using MODX Cloud.

** Google likes MODX **
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