Watch the Meetup Video from Denver Feb 2014

At MODXpo EU 2012 Ryan Thrash announced the MODX Ambassador program. Since then, we have seen organized MODX Communities popping up all over the globe. One of the healthiest MODX Communities we have seen arise in the United States is from the mile high city of Denver, Colorado. Denver Ambassador Paul Kabotie has done an excellent job of organizing meet ups in Denver for all experience levels of MODX users. I just had to see what these folks were up to so I caught a red-eye to the Rockies and presented on what 2014 is looking like for the MODX project.

You can grab the slides here. Many thanks to Tom Maroshegyi for filming the presentation so we could throw it up on Vimeo. In a hurry? Check out the bullet points below.

Video Chapters

  • 10:27 - As we look back on the products we’ve built and dream of the ones we are yet to build, we realize we need Creative Freedom everywhere. I express my thoughts on how we can bring creative freedom back into a re-imagined MODX Manager.

  • 15:00 - Where 2.3 is currently at in the development cycle and what we needs to happen for it to be shipped.

  • 16:35 - Will we see a Media Manager in MODX? I talk about what needs to happen and how you can help.

  • 19:17 - Let’s be Honest about UX.

  • 20:00 - The challenges we face with the core being too dependent on any given JavaScript library and how we plan to break away from that.

  • 20:30 - How we can bring creative freedom back into a re-imagined Manager by going back to HTML rather than stopping at ExtJS.

  • 22:00 - A lesson I learned on not betting against HTML.

  • 25:00 - We’re arguable the best open source HTML pre-processor, yet we treat HTML in the Manager like an after thought.

  • 29:00 - Why we enforce workflows. TDD FTW!

  • 35:00 - Coding is just a small part of what we need help with. Find out what you can do today to help MODX.

  • 37:00 - A call for more assistance managing and organizing open source efforts.

  • 38:00 - What is matboard and why you should watch it on GitHub if you are interested in the front end tools the next major version of MODX may be built with.

  • 38:50 - As a Front End Developer, I want Creative Freedom in the MODX Manager so that I can control how MODX is presented to my clients.

  • 44:00 - Why any features too assumptive in 2.x will be packing their bags.

  • 46:00 - Web App vs Website and why we need to think differently the next time we build a Manager interface.

  • 50:00 - Overview of current front end techs tack.

  • 59:00 - Meet our new Trello board.

  • 60:04 - Why I want rebuilding RTFM to be a R&D project for 3.0.

  • 67:12 - [Answer] Why ExtJS is part of the matboard project.

  • 73:00 - [Question] What kind of guidance do you supplement for the future of MODX Extra development?

  • 80:00 - Have a look at Bonsai.js, a responsive tree for you and me!

  • 85:00 - My thoughts on the FuelUX component library.

  • 88:00 - modmore time! Have a look at Redactor 1.4 and hear my thoughts on selling premium extras in the MODX ecosystem.

  • 103:00 - Ad-hock ContentBlocks demo by request.

  • 109:00 - Closing thoughts

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