Scaffold your next Grunt project and pick your own tools

If you use Grunt for automating and building your web projects this tool is for you. If you aren’t on the Grunt bandwagon yet, make sure to bookmark this for once you’ve seen the light.

NeatPages works by asking you a few questions on how youd like things setup.
NeatPages works by asking you a few questions on how you’d like things setup.

NeatPages is an un-opinionated grunt-init template that will ask you a few questions and then quickly create the scaffold for your next project. You’ll be asked things like:

  • Project title
  • Description
  • Create README?
  • CSS Preprocessor: Will you use “Sass”, “LESS”, or “none” for CSS
  • Assets path
  • Use Bourbon?
  • Use Neat?
  • Icon Set: Will you use “Font Awesome”, ionicons, or “none”?
  • Will you use “HTML5 Boilerplate”, “Bootstrap”, “Foundation 4” or “none”?

Based on your answers NeatPages will set up your Gruntfile and your bower file. You are then ready to enter the build directory, install npm packages and build your project.

cd _build
npm install
grunt build

Get started with NeatPages today. Request features and discuss here.

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