Live: Contributing to MODX

Tune in for Mark Hamstra's presentation on contributing to MODX

Mark Hamstra is up there with the best of them when it comes to contributing to MODX. Let's see what he has to say.

04:00 - That's all folks! Mark has another modmore talk tomorrow. Don't forget to tune in, there will be more to show!

03:59 - Don't forget to pick up a Redactor notepad!

15:58 - Mark is showing how you can easily use typeahead to link to a MODX Resource.

15:57 - Reminder all MODXpo attendees got a voucher for a free license!

15:56 - Mark is showing an optional feature disabled by default. If you paste a link to YouTube or Vimeo video, press enter and your video is auto embedded! So cool!

15:53 - Mark shows insert image from the clipboard! Paste, image uploads. Woohoo!

15:51 - We get a feature request for adding pagetitle and id to placeholders and Mark adds it to our tracker. (hint: I think it was already there).

15:50 - People are clapping over how easy it is to control where images go when you upload them!

15:49 - Somehow this talk stared off about contributing to MODX. Now Mark and I are trying to sell everyone on Premium Extras. I think it's working.

15:48 - I'm trying to get Mark to show off a new cool feature in Redactor 1.3. I hope it works! Cool he's showing off drag n' drop right into the editor.

15:46 - Head to demo.modmore.com and log in with demo/demouser to try out modmore extras!

15:45 - Mark is going to give a quick demo of Redactor! I wonder which version he is going to show...

15:44 - Mark gives a good tip. If you install both Ace and Redactor you can control which one is used based on the Rich Text setting.

15:42 - Somebody is complaining about TinyMCE. Try Redactor!

15:41 - Mark is asked if we should drop ExtJS in 3.0. He says yes, people clap.

15:38 - A way to vote on features requests is brought up. Part of Mark says yes, and part of Mark says no. He would rather define the roadmap that involves uploading some sort of specification or proposal, discussed by the community and team and is either accepted or rejected.

15:37 - A central place where you can find links and resources is desired. There is a website in the works called Discover MODX that aims to do this. Also, if you have a MODX Blog please make sure you have an RSS feed for everybody to use! (RTFM could use some RSS feeds).

15:36 - [Question] How do we contribute to RTFM? [Answer] Email help@modx.com to apply for access.

15:35 - Susan recommends that the Manager have a way of automatically sending debugging information back to MODX such as environmental settings.

15:34 - Audience member would like to have a "I'm pissed off button" in the MODX Manager. I'd feel bad for that button, it would probably get clicked a lot!

15:32 - [Question] Is there a plan to add nightlies to develop clouds in MODX Cloud. [Answer] Probably. Ok, yes there is. Just isn't a timeline yet but we are working on it.

15:31 - [Question] Regarding design is there a place where we can see what they are being worked on? [Answer] Yes, pull from latest modxcms/develop on Git. Also, there are experimental branches with design experiments.

15:29 - [Questions] How many developers are comfortable working with GitHub. [Answer] most are. For those not comfortable yet with Git, go to try.github.com.

15:28 - Some users report issue with this live blog disappearing. Try refreshing the page if that happens. The AJAX requests are cache busted I swear!

15:25 - So what is Mark looking to see. Version date, release date (month and year) and feature cut-off. A list of features specifying what is done, in-dev, open, or done. Also separate New Features fro Improvements.

15:24 - Mark points out that the roadmap is outdated, and has some features listing as upcoming which are in fact already implemented. There is another roadmap in the tracker, but it also doesn't have enough info.

15:22 - The Revolution Roadmap in RTFM is rather vague and possible outdated. Next Steps section doesn't specify which version it targets. Is there documentation for any of these new features? Can we help test them? These are things the community needs to know. Mark would like to see more details in the roadmap so the community can help out.

15:21 - When is 2.3 coming out? We don't know. When do translations need to be complete? These are just some of the unanswered questions.

15:20 - Mark would really like to see some of the features to MODX Cloud to come into MODX. JP bites his tongue nearly completely off.

15:19 - At MODXpo 2012 an announcement was made that 3.0 would be in the works by the end of 2013. It is now the end of 2013, and 2.3 isn't even done. A lot went down this year, and the team has done their best, but empty promises and announcements should not been made.

15:18 - Mark is ranting about expectations vs reality.

15:17 - Mark totally lost all of his notes.

15:16 - Testers help by identifying bugs. It would be awesome to have 100 testers to test out 2.3!

15:14 - Fork the modxcms/revolution repository on Github using git cone. If you're going to look on something through Git, you need to work on the right branch (release-2.2|develop|release-2.3). Then make a branch for your fix or your feature. It's good to have specific branches when you submit pull requests, don't be afraid of having lots of branches.

15:12 - 2.3 beta was released this morning. It looks shiny, but not shiny enough and we need your help with feedback. Developers can't design. Well, most of them can't. Developers rock! How to be an awesome developer (IFIPS)

  • Identify what you want to fix
  • Fix it (PHP, xPDO, CSS, or ExtJS).
  • Import the fix to Git (Git isn't as scary as it sometimes look, we promise!)
  • Success, celebrate and repeat

15:11 - If you are a MODX Ambassador contact modmore, they are interested in sponsoring meetups!

15:10 - Documentation. Who thinks the MODX Documentation sucks? Several people raise their hands :s.

15:08 - It's not just about code. We need people to help with documentation and bug handlers. Bug handlers shouldn't just report bugs, but also look at what has already been reported. We don't need a bunch of duplicate reports! There are currently 1500 open issues in the tracker. 1500! That's a lot and nobody is going to read them alone, so we need to do it together.

15:06 - "Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved".

15:05 - More people would contribute if they knew how. Mark used to work as a freelancer, worked at MODX for a year, and now he has his own startup, modmore!

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