cacheguard for MODX

Keep your MODX Cache Around a While Longer

cacheguard is a very simple MODX package that may help you keep your site’s cache around just a little bit longer. It’s based off a gist of mine and what it does is simple. When you open a resource for editing, if that Resource is not published, it automatically unticks the Empty Cache checkbox. This way, you aren’t clearing the cache each time you save an unpublished resource.


  • When you go to publish that unpublished resource, you need to make sure that Empty Cache checkbox is ticked, or remember to use Site > Clear Cache after a round of edits
  • If you are displaying unpublished resources on the front end of your site, you probably don’t want to use this
  • only executed on page load (requires page refresh to refresh)

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** not responsible for stale smelly cache files **