Redactor for MODX

Your Next MODX Rich Text Editor

Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mark Hamstra, one of the best MODX Extra Developers in the business, on some truely amazing and elegant software. Together, we’ve combined the web’s best WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor with the most flexible CMS around. We call it Redactor for MODX.

Easily Link to Resources with Redactor for MODX
Easily Link to Resources with Redactor for MODX

We love OpenSource. Mark and I both have released several free OpenSource MODX Extras and certaintly will continue to do so. However, we also understand that people aren’t opposed to paying for software and services that make them smile, help them do their job better and deliver real immediate value.

Before you bust out your credit card and purchase Redactor for MODX I’d like to outline my primary goals for this project… ok actually maybe you can open another tab, and get the purchase started, but please let me continue.

Now that that’s out of the way I want to express my primary goals with this project:

  • Make MODX better
  • Prove there is a marketplace for premium MODX Extras
  • Help create a sustainable revenue source that will absolutely and immediately contribute to the ongoing success of the MODX open source Content Management System (CMS)

I think we’ve done it.

Check out Redactor for MODX yourself over at modmore and see for yourself. We think you’ll find it to be awesome. With your purchase you will be helping modmore continue to make awesome. modmore will donate 10% of proceeds directly to funding the ongoing development of MODX Revolution.

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