Portland Meetup

Hosted by AIPD in Downtown Portland

Join us April 10th for the first ever Portland MODX Meetup to learn more about MODX Revolution, the critically acclaimed OpenSource CMS you need to know more about. Sitebuilder JP DeVries will be presenting capabilities of MODX followed by a group comparison and discussion of varying systems such as Drupal, and Wordpress in an effort to sharpen your web-toolset, what ever it’s contents.

Firstly, many thanks to the Art Institute of Portland for hosting, sponsoring, and even catering this event. I’d like to thank William Siebold for representing his students’ eagerness to learn by being enthusiastic and proactively working with me to make this event a reality. I’m excited to return to where I learned & taught to do some more of both amongst talented students and industry professionals.

— JP DeVries


MODX Revolution is a fully featured CMS that’s been a best kept secret for too long. MODX Ambassador and sitebuilder JP DeVries aims to change that this year by hosting five interactive meetups in the Portland area.

When & Where

We’ll be gathering from 7pm – 10pm on April 10th in the open space of the AIPD Campus located in the Pearl District of downtown Portland.


Thanks to our sponsor modmore there will be pizza and drinks!


Starting with an introductory presentation of the critically acclaimed MODX Revolution CMS, topics covered in the presentation will be useful for anyone interested in building content driven websites. More importantly, the presentation will quickly open up to an open mic forum of questions, answers, and group discussion. So please, come with some questions. What kind of challenges have you been having when building websites lately?

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** There will be PIZZA **