Branding Bust

Why Not Stand Behind the MODX Name?

Now even though I’ve been contracting with MODX ProServ for several months, the SiphonLabs transition was completely news to me. If I would have been informed my first question would of been about the name. I have a much better name in mind: MODX Cloud.

** Stand behind your brand **


MODX is what you make it

Yesterday was an interesting day in the MODX Community as MODX Cloud announced new plans to become SyphonLab. Some community members have raised concerns that this means core developers will be focusing less on MODX Revolution.

** Put your pull requests where your mouth is **

Future Icons

Create Sprite-Free Scalable Mega-Icons

Join the author, Conor, in an attempt to remove messy sprites and raster images from your styling and explore the possibilities of crisp, scaleable mega-icons.

** Look Mom, Mega-Icons! **

Portland Meetup

Hosted by AIPD in Downtown Portland

Come be part of the first ever Portland MODX Meetup hosted by JP DeVries on April 10th at the Art Institute of Portland.

** There will be PIZZA **