LiveBlogger Updated

LiveBlogger Updated to 1.4.6

LiveBlogger has been updated to version 1.4.6 to fix a bug by ensuring AJAX requests are always unique URLs. The boilerX dependency has also been removed from sample.LiveBlog Template.

Testing LiveBlogger...it works!

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Changelog for liveblogger integration into MODx Revolution.

liveblogger 0.4.6
- each AJAX request for content is now cachebusted by ensuring each URL is unique
- simplified sample.LiveBlog template to remove boilerX dependency
- added comments to sample.LiveBlog that jQuery should be included prior to the liveblog-script Chunk include
liveblogger 0.4.5
- substituted jQuery for ExtJS (NOTE: include jQuery yourself)
liveblogger 0.4.4
- initial commit

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** LiveBlogger updated to 1.4.6 **