Transport Packages

Creating Transport Packages for your Extras

Bob Ray is going to take us through how to use his MyComponent package to take the pain out of creating Extras.



04:47:12 - [Applause] and that's that

04:46:01 - It's taken Bob over a year to create this Extra. It's free btw :)

04:44:19 - Bob takes baths

04:41:44 - I ask if Bob uses MyComponent to package MyComponent. Everyone's head expodes

04:39:08 - Also creates a GitHub READ_ME file formatted correctly for you

04:38:45 - It will create a table (for documentation) of your Properties. That's awesome

04:38:05 - MyComponents will move them for you, but not necessarily install the packages for you

04:37:34 - Bob says this is the most complex program he's ever built. When he started he had a full head of black hair ;)

04:37:00 - Can you include other packages as well? Almost, Bob says.

04:36:25 - (Bob was onto Snapshots before Snapshots were a thing)

04:35:45 - Even if you don't develop MODX Extra MyComponent could be handy to package up a site to import it elsewhere

04:34:47 - This is seriously some crazy *$@#

04:34:22 - What about the build file? Bob created a master build file to rule them all! That's just how he rolls. Literally he lives in an RV

04:32:03 - ExportObjects exports all of the build files. Clicking Build with package everything and creates your package transport zip file, which is ready for installation and distrubution

04:30:00 - (Something on lexicons and with without formal installations that went over my head)

04:29:50 - MyComponent will update your ~~ syntax appropriately once it's created them for you. This part is pretty much magic

04:29:00 - Bob asks why we didn't point out his typos!

04:28:00 - MyComponent will recursively process any Snippet and ones it includes

04:27:30 - Bob asks us all to cross our fingers (mine are typing though)

04:27:06 - This makes a lexicon entry on the fly: this->modx->lexicon('hw_file_nf~~File Not Found');

04:22:00 - Lexicon Helper sytanx example: hw_prop1_desc~~ Description for Property

04:20:58 - Bob's favorite this is that you can create your lexicon strings right in the code itself using a ~~ syntax (will try and post example, moving fast)

04:20:19 - Crowd is reminding Bob to continue spelling helloworld incorrectly as he did before

04:20:00 - It's 4:20

04:19:09 - One nice thing is when you set descriptions for things like Snippets they go both in the Manager description, and at the top of the code itself. 

04:17:48 - Oh wow that was fast now that it isn't creating System Settings (Bob has theories why they slow the process down so much)

04:16:42 - Even resources can be included easily, all their properties can be set

04:15:34 - Bob is deleting stuff like crazy from the config file, just to make it a bit simpler

04:15:08 - I need to use PHPStorm more often. I'm just so set in my ways with TextMate!

04:14:35 - You should always make a namespace for your Packages (like for reals)

04:13:20 - Once multiple projects have been added you can switch between the two. Pretty neat

04:12:28 - Starting a hellowworld example (his typo not mine ;)

04:12:09 - Remove Objects and Files will delete all yoru stuff after bundling (incase you want to start over). Use with caution!

04:11:26 - Lexicon Helper will fix your code file properly if rewrite CodeFiles is set to true...further explanation to come

04:09:20 - If you set an element to be static it will be for you, but not for the user when installed (you wouldn't want it to be)

04:08:17 - You can connect property sets to a snippet right in the config. 

04:06:30 - Bob's pulling up his website. hehe

04:05:34 - You can include / create System Settings by placing them in the config file. Awesome! Wow I've wasted a lot of time by not using this

04:05:09 - You start with no other files but the example config, everything else is generated from that

04:04:00 - You set all sorts of stuff in the config package name, description, version, release, contanct info

04:03:15 - The configuration file is just a big PHP Array

04:02:50 - Everything comes from the configuration file which is under mycomponent/_build/config/example.config.php 

04:02:00 - Bob's showing an example that contains about two of everything (Resources, Chunks, Templates, Snippets) that he uses for testing MyComponent

03:59:00 - Creates all the resolvers and intersect objects needed for your package. Don't know what those are? Who cares MyComponent does.

03:58:10 - Bob just ran Bootstrap it creating a ton of files, and two System Settings in about 4 seconds

03:57:08 - System Settings take for ever to create (programmitcally)

03:56:46 - PHPStorm costs $99, Bob says if you value your sanity and time buy it right now

03:56:20 - By simply including the MyComponent snippet (uncached) in a resource a form will be created that allows you to set some settings for your component.

03:55:50 - Bob is showing us a fresh MODX install with just MyComponent installed. He's assuring us there's nothing up his sleeve...yet

03:54:01 - In order to use MyComponent you need to give you a little bit of flexiblity, but it's worth it becaues you'll save so much time

03:53:24 - MyComponents writes all your Lexicon files for you (which is awesome). Lexicon files are used to do things like set the name and description of things like System Settings

03:51:18 - Bob hates certain things about creating components, so he made an easier way

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  1. Martin Gartner:
    Nov 12, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    When will this extra be available?

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