[Live]: State of MODX

Keynote: The state of MODX by Ryan Thrash

Here in Utrecht, Netherlands 192 of us gather for a full day jam-packed full of MODX. Kicking off the day, is none other than Co-Founder and President Ryan Thrash to give us insight as to why MODX was born, where it is today, and where it is heading. Whether you've been part of the MODX community for some time now or are just hearing about it, this lecture is for you!



09:35:10 - Hearing reports Kevin Martin may still be in a deep alcohol-induced hibernation

09:44:12 - Kevin Martin joins Thrash on stage

09:46:45 - Mark Hamstra (aka "Hamsterdam") introduces himself and welcomes the crowd on his 'mik-ey thing'

09:47:00 - Some technical difficulty turning off the over head lights. Is there an addon for that?

09:48:02 - Lights still on. Oh boy

09:48:40 - Mark shows us where we are all from on a world map. Cool! I think I traveled the furthest.

09:49:30 - Announcement Matt Fuller session cancelled due to illness. Replaced with an SEO lecture by Gauke Pieter Sietzema.

09:50:10 - Clapping for sponsors.

09:50:28 - Softlayer up on stage to tell us about their hosting. One of the largest private hosting companies in the world.

09:51:03 - Virtual servers in 5-15 minutes with Softlayer all connected through their internal high-speed network!

09:51:28 - Softlayer gives all attendees a free one month trial!

09:52:28 - MODX Cloud developed with Softlayer hosting

09:53:50 - Ryan shows Skate Rocket Boy!

09:54:49 - Ryan Thrash recognizes attendees who traveled the furthest (other than JP from Portland ;)

09:56:13 - Ryan explains MODX started from him looking for a CMS that let him control things with just CSS

09:56:44 - 2005 MODX was first released as version 0.9.0

09:57:04 - 2006 marks the year of Ditto and Wayfinder in MODX!

09:57:30 - 2007 MODX wins Packt Publishing award for Most Promising CMS

09:58:23 - April 2008 marks the first release of MODX Revolution

09:58:50 - Thanks to Susan Ottwell for donating $10,000 back in 2008

09:59:30 - 2009 More awards from Packt

09:59:45 - First MODX Conference in 2010 Dallas, TX

10:00:06 - MODX makes committment to go all in and not take on projects that don't imporve the software in some way

10:00:34 - 2010 MODX obtains investment funding and forms the MODX Team of 5

10:01:35 - 2010 MODX Team put's brain together on how to change the way the web is built. Some ideas worked well others worked horribly well.

10:02:20 - What is the one core thing about MODX? Creative Freedom! It's a CMS that works with you and fits your vision. No compromises.

10:02:50 - "Some claim to target the creative segment but MODX uniquely delivers a solution that satisfies digital agencies need for creative freedom" - John Coonen at CMS Expo 2010 Chicago

10:03:30 - MODX.com visits have grown from 800,000 to over 3.2 million

10:04:55 - 48% of MODX use comes from Europe. We'll be back Ryan promises!

10:06:30 - With Softlayer we can move large sites from Singapore to Dallas without having to go over the public "slow" broadband

10:07:12 - This time next year there should be about a billion websites in the world. Ryan thinks they should all run MODX!

10:07:33 - "I think that code is creativity" - Ryan Thrash

10:08:33 - MODX 2013 and beyond. Community Relaunch Forums, Leaderboards, Localization, Ambassadors Local Meet-ups close working relationship with MODX Commit to a full year Cloud & CMS Revolutionize building the web, Focus on UX. Put the things in that simplify your work.

10:10:04 - MODX Ambassadors, people who can commit to a full year to fostering MODX in your local community

10:11:00 - Ambassador programming is kicking off in early 2013. I call Portland, Or!

10:12:10 - Ryan mentions Dustin, the amazing new MODX UX Designer (designer of MODX Cloud Dashboard)

10:13:00 - What's MODX Cloud about? It's not about hosting, it's about solving all the things that go along with managing websites.

10:13:26 - Who loves managing servers? Haha no way. It's really fun, like twice.

10:13:50 - It's impowering to be able to spin up and upgrade sites without any coding experience. About as easy as checking your email!

10:14:51 - With MODX Cloud, the days of cowboy coding on a live website are hopefully over. But Ryan you guys are from Texas!

10:15:30 - MODX Cloud aims to free up server admin time, giving you more time to be productive and billable

10:16:09 - Over the coming months tools will be released to solve large scaling problems

10:16:53 - MODX Cloud aims to put the horsepower needed for a 200M page views per year site behind an easy setup button

10:17:27 - Wordpress. Great if you need a blog or a gallery. Beyond that, MODX comes into play

10:17:55 - Ryan showing off the new MODX forum. As usual, if it breaks it's Mark's fault

10:19:13 - OS X Display Arrangements getting the best of Ryan

10:20:05 - Ryan clicks a red button and launches the New MODX Forums! WOW

10:24:18 - Kevin Martin presenting some technical details on MODX Cloud Backups and Snapshots.

10:24:48 - "Dude I'm super tired of making the same website over and over again". Now with Snapshots you can create and inject in other sites, problem solved. (I really like my Vanilla Snapshot myself)

10:25:38 - MODX Cloud makes it easy to spin up new development sites, inject snapshots so you can show you're client what the website would look like if the background were full of tiling pink bunnies

10:27:00 - Ever lost a night's sleep troubleshooting a MODX upgrade? Now it's a click of a button in the MODX Dashboard.

10:27:30 - MODX Cloud allows clients and developers to have their own seperate, yet linked, accounts so you can get divorced. No prenump needed.

10:28:03 - MODX Cloud allows you to create admin users from the dashboard incase you loose your website's keys!

10:30:00 - What's the catch with MODX Cloud? You do need internet access to get it




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