[Live]: MODX Cloud

Why we built MODX Cloud by CTO Kevin Martin

A brief high-level introduction of how MODX innovates. Ryan is gonna pass the Microphone around to the audience!


10:43:52 - Kevin informs us the next step for MODX is MODX 3 (loosing the Revolution name).

10:44:41 - Internal (things that we do that need to change / improve), Imporovements (things the product does, that our users use, that need to change / improve, Innovations (things our users do that do not exist in our product, but really, really should, Inventions (Things that our users do not do, that they might if we made them possible)

10:48:07 - MODX Cloud is designed to shorten the amount of time you have to spend to accomplish common tasks

10:49:54 - Ryan Thrash back up on stage talking about how awesome MODX Documentation is (he's not kidding at all...hehe)

10:50:22 - Ryan going over what's currently planned for 2.x

10:50:49 - MIGX-like functionality coming soon to MODX Core. It's like TVs in a TV

10:52:29 - Elements to Files: allow complete simple storage of elements both inside outside the database (version control anyone?)

10:53:01 - ACL UX improvements. Improving how all that funky stuff works cause ya...

10:54:08 - Package Dependencies and Improved Extra Repository: make managing components and their dependencies easier / better

10:55:09 - Two huge areas that still need work, versioning and and e-commerce

10:56:32 - Media Source is one of the most under-used and under privileged parts of the MODX core. Sharepoint, Evernote, Dropbox, Softlayer, Google Drive...all of these APIs are on the table for potential integration :)

10:59:02 - InnoDB Support coming soon (whatever that is, I dunno)

10:59:16 - Evo to Revo Migration: improved migration path of legacy Evo and/or Etomite sites

11:00:07 - MODX 3 will be a New Manager that's easier to customize and more user friendly. Including device support

11:00:38 - Improved RTE provide RTE optimized for MODX use

11:02:55 - First open mic question: "Why is e-commerce such a pain in MODX?". Taxes, Shipping, currency conversion make implementing E-Commerce a pain

11:04:38 - Audience member points out that even years later Magento is lacking in features, e-commerce is not simiple.

11:05:33 - PS: (I've built two MODX sites that hook up to Shopify for e-commerce :)

11:06:22 - Kevin (intelligently I might add) points out he'd much rather consume an existing e-commerce API than write our own

11:07:33 - Kevin points out FoxyCart and Spree are on the table to be considered for integration 

11:09:31 - Some countries like Holland don't accept credit card for payments :o

11:15:09 - Kevin talking about how solving MODX speed problems may be more about doing a better job teaching the community how to properlty optimize sites than core issues themselves

11:17:24 - Open Mic: Why not open comments on the RTFM pages? (really good idea)

11:18:58 - Ryan is making Kevin take notes!

11:19:25 - Community talking about multi-langual imporvements with Lexicons

11:21:00 - Open Mic: SFTP Media Source requested

11:21:37 - Kevin talking about his awesome Media Source tags idea of being able to integrate with YouTube channels and use MODX shortcodes to embed YouTube videos

11:25:47 - Props to YJ Tso for working on FoundationX, a MODX implementation of Zurb's CSS framework

11:27:52 - "The current MODX Cloud UI is what happens when you don't have engineers designing user experiences" (amen)

11:28:05 - MODX 3 may have more than one manager (one for designers, one for developers)

11:30:22 - Simplifying the manager is job #1 for MODX 3

11:34:00 - "I think we've got the best kept secret that's hiding in plain site, and it's definitely time to change that" - Ryan Thrash

11:41:03 - Just got a report Try Catch live blogging isn't working correctly. Working on a fix

11:44:11 - If you experience any bugs please drop a comment or report them another way. Thanks!

11:46:47 - Testing cachebusting AJAX requests for LiveBlogger (broken in IE?)

11:49:02 - We ran way over on the OpenMic session. Oops! 

11:49:50 - "There are no dumb ideas, there are just ones I won't do" - Kevin Martin

12:03:06 - And with that it's time for lunch Bob Ray's Security Permissions Settings lecture. Some great discussions guys!

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  1. Ivan Salcedo (odeclas on MODX Forums):
    Nov 10, 2012 at 04:41 AM

    FoundationX video link - http://vimeo.com/52100013 - for those interested.

  2. JP DeVries:
    Nov 10, 2012 at 08:48 AM

    Thanks for the link!

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