[Live]: Developing Extras

MODX Hands on with Mark Hamstra

Critically acclaimed MODX Extra developer Mark Hamstra presents an interactive demo on how to develope your own extensions. He'll be creating a "clientconfig" extra.

Note: this presentation is being recorded, videos will be available in a few days.


03:13:44 - That's all folks. If this was tough to follow (which it was) comment on the post and you'll be notified when videos are available.

03:11:35 - ExtJS grids load per page, so all rows aren't loaded at once. (Good thing for incase you have several hundred items)

03:09:59 - pagedSize can be used with ExtJS grid components to control how many rows show per page

02:59:10 - Mark is showing the endDrag ExtJS event can be used to set positions after sorting

02:45:07 - Susan Ottwell explains it took her 5 tries before she got the 'Doodles' tutorial to work. So don't feel bad if you are confused too. This is not not rocket science.

02:52:40 - Explaining a 'record' is basically an Object containg values for a particualr row

02:50:30 - Mark continues showing off

02:48:40 - Now he's right an ajax request from scratch without looking at any references. Show off.

02:46:20 - Mark has some crazy auto completion for ExtJS going on in his code editor. Maybe that's why he's so fast

02:40:30 - Mark is explaining terniary operators. Geeky!

02:39:55 - Pieces are starting to come together to make a bit more sense

02:39:17 - Marks component allows you to add groups, each having a label and description. He's showing the JavaScript file used to create the modal window that comes up when you click Add Group.

02:37:30 - Geesh, I've been up for 12 hours already

02:36:30 - Mark shows the ExtJS used to define the table and columns of his component, where to get the data from (the connector in this case). 

02:34:36 - connector.php lives in assets/components/clientconfig

02:31:20 - MODx uses ExtJS 3.4. Like a boss

02:30:22 - Mark pulling up some RTFM pages. This party is off the hook now!

02:27:26 - Mark claims "anything is possible with ExtJS". I'm gonna hold him to that

02:25:24 - ExtJS allows you to set default properties for it's one or more children, so that they don't have to be set individually

02:24:41 - Another great Suasn Ottwell question "Doesn't smarty come in somewhere". Yes it does, MODx has smarty built in and it can be used to render your component pages

02:20:33 - Mark is showing his admin.js file which contains his ExtJS config

02:19:13 - Shaun has something on GitHub called MODX Extra which is a boilerplate of all the files you need to build your own custom extra

02:16:54 - Susan Ottwell asks a great question, can custom component pages be built "however you want" such as straight HTML. Answer is yes they can

02:14:53 - looks like modxExtraManager, or a base class, has a addJavascript method allowing you to easily add custom JavaScript files to your custom manager page

02:14:23 - It's nice to see that Mark is finally a Mac user :)

02:13:05 - Quickly showing the use of custom Actions, which is a way of creating custom pages in the MODX manager (not something I'm entirely familiar with myself yet)

02:12:11 - Mark's been asked to show an example of what we are making, so it's easier to understand

02:10:14 - Mark's example class, clientConfigManagerController, extends modxExtraManagerController

02:08:08 - Mark is going over mysql schema conigs, which is an XML file defining properties for your package (or extra, or addon, or plugin - whatever you want to call it :p)

02:07:26 - Mark is rockin' 2.2.6 for his presentation. Risky! Living on the edge

02:00:00 - xPDO and MODx are the base PHP classes powering MODX Revolution. MODx extends xPDO, so everything available in xPDO is also available in MODx classes

02:00:00 -ExtJS and modExt are the JavaScript Frameworks on which the Manager is built



Comments (3)

  1. Viktor Minator:
    Nov 10, 2012 at 07:58 AM

    any videos from MODXPO?

  2. JP DeVries:
    Nov 10, 2012 at 10:34 AM

    Looks like they all have been recorded and videos should be within a few days. Maybe a week. Will let you know when they are up!

  3. Martin Gartner:
    Mar 13, 2013 at 10:42 AM

    It's sad that Marks session still isn't online... I'm waiting for it since I heard of. Probably will never see light of day.

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