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Looking down the Resource Tree is pretty natural in MODX with addons like getResources, but what if you need to look up?

findParent will search up a resource's ancestor tree looking for the first match with a given property or template variable. Order starts with the resource's parent then moves to grand parent and so on.

• From Chunks •

Let's do an example. Below we are saying "starting at the current resource, look upward (from parent to grandparent and so-on) for a resource with a pagetitle of Women's Jackets and if found return it's id".

[[!findParent? &id=`[[*id]]` &haystack=`pagetitle` &needle=`Women's Jackets` &return=`id`]]

Maybe you want to look upward for a specific template type. This will look upward for an ancestor with a template of 6 and return it's alias.

[[!findParent? &id=`[[*id]]` &haystack=`template` &needle=`6` &return=`alias`]]

• From Snippets •

Of course findParent can also be called from a Snippet like so:

$s = $modx->runSnippet('findParent',array(
   'id' => '25',
   'haystack' => 'template',
   'needle' => '6',
   'return' => 'id'
return $s;

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